The Chiropractic Center of Las Vegas Testimonials

Dr. Kaldy and The Chiropractic Center of Las Vegas provide the best chiropractic service possible in Las Vegas. See what our patients have to say:  

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • Originally when I was involved in the car accident, pain was effecting every area of my life. However with the proper care, that was provided by Dr. Kaldy, my level of pain and range of motion progressed as well as my overall strength. Happily, I am now able to work and live without the pain I had.

    - David B.
  • I had extreme headaches, neck and middle back pain and some lower back pain following a car accident. I no longer have the headaches, middle or lower back pain. Dr. Kaldy was great!!

    - La Rae S.
  • Prior to my treatment, I was involved in a severe car accident and I was in great pain. As treatment proceeded the pain became much more tolerable and less severe. The patience, explanations and in depth treatment provided by Dr. K has been extremely beneficial. Through the treatment by Dr. K, I have been able to do much more on a daily basis with much less pain. Chiropractic treatment is most beneficial by reducing pain and speeding up the healing process. I personally would recommend that anyo

    Show More - Rose H.
  • During the past few months that I have been treated by Dr. Kaldy, I have experienced a great decrease in and in most areas an elimination of pain in my neck, back, arms and with my headaches. My range of motion has increased considerably. Dr. Kaldy has been very thorough and caring in his treatment of my health problems associated with degenerative and other orthopedic problems. It has been a beneficial and pleasurable association with Dr. Kaldy.

    Show More - Anita B.
  • VERY GOOD JOB!!! Thank you for your effort to make me feel better!!

    - Dorin G.
  • I have never met any chiropractor as good as Dr. Kaldy. he knew exactly what I was experiencing and what I was going through. He made me feel so much better in a short period of time. I recommend Dr. Kaldy very highly, to anyone including my friends and family who have pain and physical ailments. I would like to add, Dr. Kaldy is a wonderful person. I really enjoyed working with him to get me better over the last few months.

    Show More - Song R.
  • I hated the idea of seeing a chiropractor until I had my first visit with Dr. Kaldy. One of the best decisions in my life. I am not in pain and I have Kaldy to thank! Your front desk staff is awesome too.....thank you thank you thank you

    - Kristyy L.
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