Personal Injury Care

Here at The Las Vegas Pain and Wellness Center, our experienced staff treats patients who have suffered from a personal injury. Whether this incident happened at work or off the job, we can help you with a variety of cutting-edge treatments for the back or neck pain you are experiencing. We offer spinal manipulation treatment combined with other chiropractic methods to treat your ailments. We also offer techniques like spinal decompression for spinal disc conditions and myofascial release for soft tissue injuries. We are committed to treating your back and neck pain, headaches, muscle, joint pain, and any other underlying problems. Before beginning treatment, we will evaluate your overall health and explain how our chronic pain treatment under anesthesia can help with your current conditions.


Dr. Kaldy has been trained in Whiplash and Brain trauma by Dr. Arthur Croft of the Spine Research Institute of San Diego (SRISD).   Dr. Croft is the author of several books and articles related to Whiplash (Spine Research Institute of San Diego (  Additionally,  he has provided more information and research on this topic than any other person or group worldwide.  Dr. Kaldy was fortunate to be a student of Dr. Croft, which will benefit you, your treatment and ultimately your case.  If you do not have an attorney, Dr. Kaldy can help you source one that will be there to help you navigate the process of Personal Injuries and dealing with the insurance companies.


Auto Collision Injuries

If you have been in an automobile collision, you may have experienced whiplash or sustained injuries that are not severely painful. However, if left untreated, those injuries can cause serious problems later in life. Our chiropractor can treat any kind of condition caused by an accident you have been in. We will design a program with a combination of therapies that are customized to your needs. Chronic pain treatment under anesthesia combined with other therapies helps to heal victims of auto accidents without surgery or medications.

 Other Personal Injuries

Sometimes your job or the projects you do at home can cause repetitive motion pain or injure your back. When this happens, we can help you with several preventative exercises, so you can get back to working comfortably. We offer treatment for conditions like herniated discs, sciatica, soft tissue injuries, and more. Our office also sees patients who have suffered personal injuries from slip and fall accidents. 

Spinal manipulation can help to realign the spine and reduce pain from a personal injury. If your injury has resulted in a herniated disc, we can treat your condition with spinal decompression by gently stretching the spine and allowing increased circulation of nutrients to the disc. We also use myofascial release treatment for damaged muscles and soft tissues to effectively alleviate pain and increase the healing process.

Make an Appointment for Injury Treatment in Las Vegas

Our team at The Las Vegas Pain and Wellness Center is here to help you with whatever kind of injury you may be experiencing. Whether your injury causes neck or back pain, we can provide you with the effective treatment you need to get back on your feet. If you want to learn more about the treatment methods we offer at our office, call today to see how we can help. Find out how we can help you and your family get back to living pain-free. 

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