Your chiropractor has an alternative to surgery for restoring mobility to stiff joints.

Did you know that your chiropractor can treat scar tissue without surgery?  The chiropractors at The Las Vegas Pain and Wellness Center are certified practitioners of MUA-FRP (Manipulation Under Anesthetic with Fibrous Release Procedures), a technique for releasing scar tissue when other treatments have failed. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about MUA-FRP and their answers from the doctors at The Las Vegas Pain and Wellness Center.

What is MUA-FRP (or MUA for short)?

MUA is a procedure in which patients are put under a light anesthetic so a medical practitioner can manipulate his stiff tissues. It is a treatment for conditions that are too painful to be treated without an anesthetic or light anesthesia. Your chiropractor can use this approach for treating adhesions or spine problems.

Who benefits from MUA-FRP?

MUA-FRP is used as a treatment for conditions that cause chronic pain. It can be used instead of surgery, or it may be part of rehab after surgery. A typical MUA-FRP patient has had joint surgery that has left lingering pain or stiffness. The chiropractor helps break down the scar tissue that interferes with the range of motion of the joint.

Can anyone have MUA-FRP?

If you shouldn't be put under anesthesia, for instance, if you have severe heart disease, you shouldn't have MUA-FRP.

What kind of anesthesia is used for this procedure?

Patients are given a combination of sedatives like Versed and Diprivan, or sometimes fentanyl. The objective is to put the patient in a light sleep so the pain of the procedure isn't felt. The recovery time from these drugs is short and complications are very rare.

What's it like to go through this procedure?

Patients experience twilight sleep. They aren't completely "under," but they aren't feeling pain, either. The treatment consists of many of the same kinds of manipulations you would get at any other visit to your chiropractor, but with greater force and greater depth.

What happens after the procedure?

Medical personnel will confirm that you have awakened from the anesthesia. You will usually start rehab exercises later the very same day. Following through with these exercises is a very important part of your recovery from the condition that led you to have the procedure.

Does MUA-FRP really work?

Most patients notice immediate improvement. There is some soreness from the procedure, but it goes away in a day or two.

Ask your chiropractor about MUA-FRP.

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