The primary goal of the relief stage of care is to provide the patient with symptomatic relief, being pain relief. This can take generally anywhere from 8-15 visits over a 30 to 45 day period. Some patients take less some take more, the majority fall right in the middle.


In the corrective stage, the aim is to identify and correct the problems that are contributed to the initial pain, and to rehabilitate the damaged tissues. This stage is vital to complete recovery from the source of the pain. Most people do not understand this stage, they believe that once they are out of pain, they are healed. This is NOT true. If it were, you would not reinjure yourself as the tissues would be strong enough to hold back the injury. This is not saying you wouldn't have some pain, but it is saying that you wouldn't have as bad of pain as you did. By finishing the rehabilitation portion of your corrective care, you also heal faster from recurrent injuries to the same tissues, hence costing you less money and overall making you stronger, more flexible and in a better state of health.


West Valley ChiropracticOnce a patient's condition has normalized (1-3 months into care) we recommend that periodic spinal checkups with a chiropractor become routine. By routine, we mean once every 2-3 months without injury to check the vital components of the spine being the joints. This does not necessarily mean you will be adjusted every time, it is just a check up. You can equate this to going to the dentist every 6 months for a cleaning and check up or changing the oil in your care every 3 months. This is extremely helpful in keeping your spine healthy and your overall health up. You will see at this point as with many of our patients, you will be sick less often, in less pain following injury and your mobility and flexibility will be like it has never been before, which will help you avoid injuries that would normally happen from lack of flexibility.

This stage of treatment may also include adjunctive self/home therapy including therapeutic massage, strengthening exercises and stretches.