Back Pain

Back pain are the number one cause of disability in people aged 18 - 64, and the second leading cause of missed workdays. Back pain is generally due to poor posture and poor lifting techniques. It is also the failure to seek medical/chiropractic care following any accident, from slip and falls to car accidents. This failure to receive adequate treatment for back injuries, and decreased physical activity, makes it very difficult to treat and bring you back to pre-injury status. Chiropractic care focuses on the cause of your problem and does not rely on medication for short-term relief of symptoms. We work to restore motion and function into your spine and to any joint within the bodies system.

Neck Pain

Recent studies show that at any given time more than 10% of Americans are suffering from neck pain. The neck is comprised of many delicate and pain sensitive structures, and is frequently exposed to abuse and stress that may result in neck pain. Some common factors involved in neck pain are incomplete recovery from past injuries, poor posture, prolonged sitting and falling asleep on too many pillows. Regular spinal adjustments generally help to prevent neck pain due to these sources. The best treatment outside of regular adjustments is self awareness and correcting potentially damaging self inflicted affects, such as poor posture and poor sleeping habits. Other things that can occur from and lead to as a result of neck pain and stiffness is:

a) Headaches

b) Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

c) Decreased motion of the neck

d) Nerve disorders in the arm

More severe neck disorders, or long term cervical (neck) spine damage can lead to:

a) Spinal Cord tractioning. REMEMBER....the spinal cord in the region of your neck has very little room to move around, much less than in the low back. Straightening of this area of the spinal cord from whiplash injuries or poor posture can lead to further neurological disorders in other regions of the body including the torso (where your heart, lungs and stomach are) and lower limb neurological disorders such as sciatica.

b) Moderate to severe arthritis where bone spurs form in the neck around the joints and discs, causing extreme discomfort and lack of mobility of the neck ultimately requiring surgery, which fails most of the time.

Lower Back

Pain More than 80% of Americans report suffering from lower back pain at some point in their lives. Lower back pain is the leading disability reason stated in workers' compensation claims. When left untreated, lower back pain can severely restrict mobility. Most lower back problems, which result in lower back pain, are due to improper lifting techniques, poor posture, large stomach and overweight, and poor weak back muscles. Low back injuries heal relatively quickly but require proper treatment in order to achieve complete rehabilitation.

YOU, the patient must also take a proactive role in repairing your back and neck injuries, by doing all prescribed stretching and strengthening exercises and correcting the problems that started the injury such as changing your posture and lifting techniques.

Finally, you must realize that your back (low back) is like a chain. It is only as strong as its weakest link. That link is your stomach. If you have a strong stomach and you are not overweight, you back will be very strong and less prone to injury. I am not saying you must have a 6 pack to be considered strong, just a strong stomach. There are specific exercises (NO NOT CRUNCHES) that will help strengthen your stomach quickly and are easy and fun to do. Call us today and we'll show you how.