The Chiropractic Center of Las Vegas

"What Chiropractors Really Does (Do). You have been seeing a chiropractor for years, but it still seems difficult to explain chiropractic care, what you experience when treated, and why it works. For people who have never been to a chiropractor, the picture is even murkier. You hear about friends who go to the chiropractor to have their back 'cracked' or 'popped' and wonder how that could help your back pain. You hear stories of 'once you've been to a chiropractor, you just have to keep going back' or, that the treatment might hurt or even be harmful.

  It is possible to help the long-time patient understand their chiropractic experience and to give the prospective patient more than prejudices to evaluate chiropractic. There is a scientific and logical basis for chiropractic without denying that it is a complex art and science with aspects that are not yet fully understood or appreciated. With an understanding of what really happens during a visit to a chiropractor, you can see how chiropractic fits in with other spinal specialties to provide an integrated approach to treating back pain. To do this, it is helpful to build a mental picture of how a chiropractor looks at the spine. You probably remember the picture of the spine in biology class, or perhaps a spinal x-ray you discussed with your internist (doctor), or the plastic model of the spine in the chiropractor's office. The 'living spine' and how it functions in the body will help you to better understand chiropractic and what the chiropractic experience is all about.

(ADD)  A Chiropractors primary job is to restore motion and function to the "stuck" spinal joints or any other joint in the body.  We also help to rehabilitate the bulging, herniated or prolapsed disc, remove muscle spasm and ultimately get you out of pain.  How is this done?  It is done through a series of physiotherapy modalities (muscle stimulation, traction, hot/cold) and chiropractic adjustments.  These are generally non-painful and help you to feel better overall.  Many chiropractors claim other things that may occur but these are generally affects of removing interference (most commonly a fixated joint causing nerve irritation) with communication from the brain to the rest of the bodies systems. "